What to Write About When Writing a Paper on Communication at the Workplace

Writing a paper about communication at the workplace requires you to understand the importance of communication in an organization first. It is from this point that you get the insights to include in your paper. The following are helpful insights you should never forget to include in your paper:

  1. Channel

Each organization has a specific channel through which its employees communicate formally. Therefore, if you are writing about communication at the workplace, the channel is an aspect you have include. In your paper, explain the different channels of communication, their pros and cons, as well as the effectiveness of each one of them. If a certain channel is implementable in a particular type of office, mention it. Due to the need to promote transparency in most organizations, explain in detail the channels that will ensure all the organizational communications are traced, for example, emails.  

  • Methods

A workplace needs to have a defined method of all formal communication. It, therefore, implies your paper needs to describe all methods of communication and their advantages. If, for example, you choose to explain oral versus written communication, explain why most organizations prefer written communication over the oral method. Additionally, let your paper state the contributions of written communication in curbing office dishonesty.

  • Language

Not all forms of language are applicable in the workplace. For this reason, every administration needs to articulate the accepted language at work. Therefore, your paper should clarify the importance of maintaining a decent language and the benefits of avoiding slang language at the workplace. If possible, demonstrate an instance where employees disagreed as a result of a misunderstanding brought about by improper language.

  • Timing

Proper timing in communication is an underrated aspect in most organizations. To communicate effectively, the timing should be right. For this reason, make your paper unique by touching on it. Explain the essentiality of proper timing when passing information at the workplace. Since this is an area rarely touched by most writers, you may wonder, as I write my research paper, how will I include the timing aspect? Well, you can hire an expert to complete the whole paper for you.

  • Professionalism

There is a need to maintain professionalism in all communications in the workplace. Lack of it will lead to disrespect among employees. While writing your paper to do with organizational communication, professionalism is an aspect you should include. Your paper should explain the need to maintain professionalism and the dangers that may arise without it. Additionally, give a scenario of how the absence of professionalism led to the demotion and dismissal of employees.

  • Flexibility

Since technology and demands change, it is significant to be flexible on the channels and methods of communication organizations set. Some channels and methods may not fit some situations. For example, if the employees are away from each other, face-to-face communication may not be suitable. Thus, let your paper expound on the essentiality of being flexible to changes in the organization. Let it explain how a deficiency of it will halt communication at some point.

  • Current Trends

Things are changing, and organizations need to change too accordingly. There are forms of communications that did not exist before but currently relevant. For example, without the internet, video conferencing would not be possible. However, it is now relevant for distant meetings. Let your paper explain the current trends in communication and the ways in which organizations can implement them.


Communication at the workplace is of importance, and organizations should give it much attention. Whenever you are handling a paper about communication, the above are points you should not forget to include.

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