• Economy

    Economic inflation and the possible benefits

    The use and meaning of the word inflation usually are dependent on the context of use. Most people use the word to mean entirely different things, however, in an economic sense, the definition varies. For the business individual, traders, economists,…

  • who we are
    Social Problems

    National identity can be done through an language

    The National identity of people change depending on the different hemisphere of the world they relocate to from their natural born areas. TheĀ national identity isĀ an important part of human personality. The factors, which contribute to such alterations, include language, skin…

  • California legislature and US Congress
    Political Issues

    California legislature and US Congress

    California has two legislatures housing which comprises of the assembly and the senate. The state allows the laws to be made without the participation of the legislature which is not the case with the US Congress. While considering the differences…