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    Election Day in the US

    Election Day in the US

    In the article ‘Election day in the United States’ published by timeanddate.com, I find it to be very educative as well as informative. The article informs the citizen of the United States when and how they should conduct an election. In the article, American citizens are also informed on what requirements that they should have in order to participate in a national election. In addition to all that, the article has also identified the public offices that should be voted during a national election. At the end of the article, we have also been given a brief background and history…

  • How religious beliefs affect birth control
    Religious Studies

    How religious beliefs affect birth control

    Religion often plays a crucial role in impacting the choices of birth control use in many individuals. The understanding of contraception has been known since the ancient times. Early Islamic writings, old Jewish sources, and holy Hindu sacred texts, all…